The Knitwear Reme is a company specialized in the production of knitwear such as: Sportswear to high standards, and Professional Military custom.
All this is entirely produced at its facilities in Italy, using Italian raw materials certified and guaranteed by the most famous companies in the industry.
In 1982, in Dugenta, Merrone Filomena turned his already established laboratory small production of knitwear in a production center with business features.
This is the official birth certificate of our company, intended to cover the average positions of importance in the pages of Italian Fashion Book.
Transforming a small workshop in an industrial medium-sized, in a period when the foundations for the development of the sector were still all to write, was a strong bet.

Especially if you think that to make it, in those years in which "equal opportunity" was an expression not too well known, was a woman.
The intuition was right, because, as a result of the professionalism and experience due to the pioneering spirit of the character will give rise to periods of expansion in rapid succession.
In 1994 Merrone Filomena leaves in the hands of his son Alberto Renzi management of his lab under the name of "REME", which with the same commitment the same tenacity and manages these activities still trying to get better and better the quality standard of its products, since the main objective the creation of the company.